Treatment Rates

My treatment rates are based on the length of your treatment whether you have acupuncture, hot stones massage, Chinese bodywork or a combination of them.

First treatment:

60 Minutes £50 (Usual price £60)

Follow up treatment:

90 Minutes £80 60 Minutes £60 45 Minutes £50 30 Minutes £40


To book an appointment or discuss how acupuncture can help you please call:

Call: 07786 072942

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What happens in my first treatment?

Your first treatment with me will be 60 minutes. It will involve a detailed consultation where we will discuss your current symptoms, medical history, and lifestyle; body diagnosis to determine any muscular tension and postural or energetic imbalances; and feeling the pulses on both wrists. We can decide together during the consultation whether you have acupuncture, hot stones massage, Chinese bodywork or a combination of these and work out a treatment plan. The consultation will be followed be your treatment.

Steve Crowley Acupuncture

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How many treatments will I need?

Like all medicine, acupuncture, hot stones massage and Chinese bodywork often require a course of treatment in order to be effective. If you only have a few treatments, or your treatments are too infrequent, they may not build up the momentum to give you the healing you seek. Most of my patients experience a significant change in their symptoms within 6 treatments. However, conditions which are serious or chronic may be stubborn, and therefore need treatment over a longer period of time.